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Special Birdhouses & Feeders

 alt="Jenny's House"        alt="Purple Martin"        alt="Butterfly Houses"      alt="Ladybug Houses"       alt="Bluebird House"     

 alt="The Drive-in"       alt="Apple Gourd House"       alt="Yellow Bloomer"        alt="Apple, Dogwood, Iris Houses"        alt="Bud's Bird & Grill"       alt="Camper" 

     alt="Gourd Feeder"       alt="Mickey"        alt="Mickey & Taz"        alt="The Well"        alt="Stone Feeder"        alt="The Bank Barn"

Our inventory also consists of some more obscure wood crafts. We have built everything from bank barns to apple shaped gourd birdhouses. Come to us with your bird enthusiast needs and we will deliver an out of this world product.